Sunday, November 18, 2012

Liv's 4 months old!

Hard to believe that our littlest peanut is already 4 months old!

These first 4 months have NOT been easy.  She's a very high needs baby, but no matter how frustrated we may get, her little giggles and smiles totally make up for it.

She's still so tiny for her age.  She is still in 3 month clothes and they are still a little baggy on her.  She also wears some 6 month clothes but they are still pretty big on her. The only reason I put them on her is because it's getting chilly here in Buffalo and she needs the warm clothes.

She is probably at my favorite baby stage. She has so much personality already and is very talkative (with a very healthy set of lungs on her). She's also still immobile, which is why I like this stage.

She isn't sleeping through the night and seems to be going through a major growth spurt, as well as trying to pop out her first tooth.  Breastfeeding is still going awesome, although there are some days where I wish she was formula fed so that someone else could feed her and get that bonding time (as she is very much a mama's girl)

She rolled for the first time yesterday! It was awesome.  I was starting to wonder if she would roll anytime soon (her brother rolled @ 3 months) because we don't really put her on the floor or her big brother would "wrestle" with her.

In the next month we're hoping that her constant need for being held will dwindle a little and that she'll learn to sleep in her own bed. We wouldn't mind if she didn't sleep through the night, we'd just like our bed back.

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