House Tour

Welcome to our first house! We bought our house in October 2010. It was built in 1918 and we live on the bottom floor while we have tenants on the top floor.    Many of this pictures are from when we first moved into our house and some rooms have changed. Every room in the house are currently all a work in progress  so check back often to check out some updated pictures. I've also started a running list under each room with our want to do's!

The Front of Our House.

- Rip Out Shrubs
- Repaint Trim

My husband's beloved lions, although we're down to only one lion as some punks stole one!
-repaint trim 
-replace Mr.Lion's twin and glue them down

The Kitchen

-Complete Remodel
The Dining Room

- Paint Walls
- Restain top of table darker, paint bottom of it white and paint the chairs a fun color
- Find a matching china cabinet and buffet and paint white

The Living Room

-repaint accent wall and inside built-ins
- new wall decorations
- new couch
-new curtains and throw pillows

The View From the Living Room into the Playroom and Offce

The Playroom

-Go Through Jordan's toys and donate some
-New Toy Storage system
- New Rug
- Paint bookcases
-Bench seating

The Office
-Repaint Built-ins
- Add crafting area
- New storage systems

The Bathroom
We have an awesome clawfoot tub.
-New Shower Curtain
- Add Shelves

Jordan's Nursery (His room before it became a big boy room)

Jordan's Big Boy Room

-Repaint room

Olivia's Nursery

The Master Bedroom
These were taken before it was even painted or had our furniture moved in. It needs some updated photos.

-Rearrange room
- Paint/add headboard
- New Curtain Rods
- Wall decorations

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