Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday

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I’ve been pretty MIA because we decided to add to our family.  We got out Lab/German Pointer/Hound/Australian Shephard mixed puppy about a month ago.  Her name is Anna (can you tell what movie my kids are OBSESSED with?).  She’s the cutest thing and she’s doing really awesome with training.  She was certainly the missing link. Not to mention, she’s better behaved (and a better sleeper) than her human siblings.  Win for me!

Long Island-
We got in to my in-laws house late last night.  It’s always great spending time with family.  We’re here to run in Alec’s Run, which is a memorial race for my husband’s cousin that raises money to create awareness for the need for backup camera in large vehicles. Which I am so happy to say, has finally made it through legislation and will be standard on vehicles starting in .  My husband’s aunt and uncle have been so vocal and instrumental in making this happen, so it’s very amazing to see all of their hard work and long hours spent on this cause come to fruition. 

Dad’s Birthday-
Although my dad stopped celebrating his birthday about 10 years ago, today he turns 70!  I’m so sad that we’re missing it, but we celebrated with him the other night.  I couldn’t have picked a better dad and truly am so blessed to have him in our life! 

Everyone says it, but I’m getting healthy!  I think I finally have it down.  I’ve been running to train for Alec’s run and have been going to the gym 5 days a week for about an hour to and hour and a half.   Most recently, I bought the 21 days fix and am super excited to start it on Monday.  I plan on doing weekly recaps of my progess, how I’m feeling and favorite recipes.  My hardest part about getting in shape isn’t necessarily the working out, it’s the food.  I LOVE food.

Working from home- 
I decided I was missing something.   I’ve decided to take the plunge and add some side ventures to my life.  I’m studying up on photography and editing and when my course is over, I plan on starting up a small photography business.  I’m also starting up as a fitness coach and am going in for my personal training exam in a month!   I love that I can stay home with my kids still and contribute to our family.   It's also a great stepping stone because I plan on going back to school to be come a registered dietitian when my kids start school. 

I hope everyone has a super amazing weekend!

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  1. My Dad just turned 72! Isn't it crazy?! He seems to young to me still!