Friday, February 21, 2014

5 On Friday

Long time no see!  We’ve had quite the eventful past couple of weeks.  First the kids were hit with ear and sinus infections and then we all got hit with Norovirus. Worst thing EVER! If you get hit with it, Bleach and Lysol are the only things that will kill it. I've done a lot of research! 

I decided to ease my way back in and I’m linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha for Five on Friday!

1.)  My new IPHONE.
Somehow, Jordan lost my Galaxy s3. We tore our house apart more than once looking for it and it still hasn't turned up anywhere.  After almost a week of no phone (which made me so nervous with Olivia's severe food allergies), I got a new one.   I really liked the Galaxy and I loved my phone plan.  I've had a T-Mobile employee line for over 5 years (My husband used to own 6 stores). We haven't owned one in a couple of years, but my line was still active.  You can't beat $26 a month for unlimited everything.  We couldn't afford another $600 cell phone and I didn't want to give instagram!  It was only a matter of time before they caught up with us, so I signed up with AT&T and got an Iphone5s.  I really like it so far!  I just miss my unlimited data and my $26 phone bill.  At least my husband still has his, for now. 

2.) Shin Splints are also the worst thing EVER!
I was doing C25k until we got sick and I took a 2.5 week hiatus from the gym.  I’ve been going every day since last Saturday and started up on Week 1 again.  It’s been going really great, but as I figured I have the wrong shoes.   I have extremely high arches and I underpronate (supinate), and my shoes do not make me feel great after a run!  I have shin splints like you wouldn’t believe and after my interval workout on the treadmill last night, it is killing me to walk Sad smile.  Anyone have any suggestions for shin splints?  I bought some new sneakers that were highly recommended for my type of feet/gait, so I’m hoping they help! I want to keep running.

3.) Stitch Fix
I got my 3rd Stitch Fix this month.  I think they are getting better and better as time goes on. I liked everything out of this fix, except one item.  I only kept one thing though. This awesome Elephant blouse.  I love the cut of it and how it fits.  I also think that even if I lose weight, it will still look good a little loose.  I want more of them, but from what I’ve been reading Hawthorne 41 is their brand and you can’t find it in stores.

4.) Terrible Three’s
Not to scare any mom’s that haven’t hit three yet, but three is AWFUL! I thought Jordan was bad at two, he’s even worse at three.  The tantrums, the screaming are 10 million times worse than 2 was.  Yesterday, he spent 30 minutes straight screaming because I wanted to change his poopy pull up.  He screamed in the car because we passed the airport and I said it wasn’t time to pick up Grandma yet. He has also become the destroyer of all things.  I can’t even go to the bathroom without something getting ruined.  Our house constantly looks like a tornado went through!  The other day, I took eggs out to hard boil them.  I went to go keep Olivia from climbing something and turned back around to him smashing the eggs one by one on the floor.  He smashed 10 of them. I had just mopped. Ugh, I hope for my sanity that this goes away soon.

5.) Olivia is not a baby anymore!

She is officially 100% a toddler.  She talks up a storm, her baby laugh is gone, and she doesn’t look like a baby anymore.  Girlfriend loves the Gym childwatch!  We were waiting our turn yesterday and someone opened the door to the childwatch and she ran in and the other day when I went to pick her up, she saw me through the windows and said “No No No” while shaking her head and finger at me.   I guess she didn’t want to go home.

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  1. Visiting from the link up. I just learned from coworkers that 3 is the worst! Who knew? I have awhile since my daughter is just 21 months. Yikes!