Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Olivia: 18 months.

I should have started this blog a long time ago.  I’m awful at baby books, but I’d love a way to keep track of the way that my kids have grown, so I’m going to start doing some posts on them at certain “milestone” ages.

As you can tell by the title, Olivia turned 18 months old in January! I cannot believe how fast it’s going (I know, I know, everyone says that.).  It’s amazing how much she has blossomed/grown up these past 6 months! She truly isn’t a baby anymore, she is a full blown toddler!

STATS: At her well baby visit last week, Olivia was 33.5 inches tall (85-90th percentile) and 23 pounds (24-30th percentile). She’s mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes, but they’re loose on her.  I’m having to buy 18-24 month things (and 18 month from Carters) because she’s too tall for the other clothes. Only they fall off of her! Any suggestions for a tall skinny baby?  She’s still wearing size 5 shoes (which my husband loves).

  • To Eat.  Girlfriend will try just about anything!
  • Cats. She’s a crazy cat lady. She wakes up meowing.
  • Little Mermaid.
  • Minions.
  • To Read.
  • Her bows and her shoes.  For a while, she hated them. Now she cries if you don’t put them on fast enough.
  • Water. To Drink, to take a tubby, to swim. The cats water bowl is a favorite toy of hers.

  • She’s 100% off the bottle and on a straight sippy cup! She’s been off the bottle since 11 months but was using a soft spout (Nuk ACTIVE cup), so it was kind of like a bottle, the nipple was just a little different shape.  We lost it last week and she’s just been using the Playtex hard spout ones and has been doing great.
  • She’s talking up a storm.  She easily knows 20-30 words and it amazes me that she has new words every day.
  • She has all of her teeth except her 2nd set of molars! She’s actually had them for a while now.

  • When daddy leaves for work.
  • Not getting her way (like most toddlers)
  • Her brother not sharing.
  • The car.
  • Being trapped in the stroller.

Surprisingly going so much better.  She’s been trying to put herself to sleep and unless she’s sick, she’s been sleeping through the night. I’ve been able to lie her in bed at nap time and she’ll fall asleep occasionally. That’s more than I can say for her almost 3.5 year old brother.

She’s just like her brother. Chronic runny nose. It comes with the territory of allergies though.  I just have to be better at remembering to give her the zyrtec that the allergist prescribed.  She’s still having random bouts of hives but no anaphylatic reactions since her one to the almond milk months ago.  She’s still allergic to all nuts and eggs (she can have them baked into things but not on their own).

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