Friday, March 22, 2013

Livi’s 8 months old!

I would really like to know where all this time has been flying off to!  Our littlest is already 8 months old.  This is totally cliché, but it really does feel like yesterday that I held her for the first time.
Here’s some of the stuff she’s been up to this past month when she was 7 months old. She started sitting up consistently (or no longer afraid of being knocked over by her brother) and started crawling around more.  It’s cray what a matter of a few days can do.

She’s started sleeping more at night and only wakes up during the night one or two nights a week, which is awesome for the hubs, because he has night baby duty.
We try and feed her baby food, but she gags and most of them give her a rash, so we’ve been waiting to try and give her more “adult” food.  I’ve just been a nervous nelly.  At this age with Jordan, he was eating puffs and yogurt bites like it was his last meal. Olivia has gotten them a few times, but since Jordan’s choking fiasco a few months ago, I’ve been scared to give her them.
It’s amazing how much personality she has.  She is already quite the little diva and we’re in for it when she become a teenager. She is certainly not afraid to tell you what she’s thinking or wants. 
She is very much a daddy’s girl.  Seeing the way that her face lights up when he comes home from work and the way that she jumps and kicks her feet and claps for him melts my heart.  It’s just amazing how much love she has for him.  She is also loving her big brother and smiles so big for him.  I’d say her greatest love though is any animal, whether it’s Wickett (our giant dog cat) or her furry cousin Marley. She loves animals so much.
She brings so much love and joy to everyone she sees. She has some rough days, but most days she is so happy and bubbly.  Especially when strangers in the store tell her how beautiful she is!

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