Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kids Room: Inspiration and Plans

One of my goals this year is to really focus on our house and making it more of a “home”.  We’ve lived here for almost three and a half years and I don’t think a single room is “finished”. 

One of the first rooms on my list, the bedroom that our kids share.   Yes, we have a three bedroom house. Yes, my kids share one of the smallest rooms in the house.  My daughter is a light sleeper and we wouldn’t be able to be in the living room watching tv (her room shared a wall with it) while she was sleeping.  Since moving them in together, she has slept like a rock. Plus they don’t spend much time in their bedroom. Mostly just for sleeping and reading books.

When we moved Olivia in, we painted the room gray and haven’t really done much since.
Here are some shots of the room as it sits right now!

Here’s some of the inspiration and things that I would love to incorporate into their room. I have no real theme, mostly just an eclectic whimsical mix of things that I think my kids would like.


These are the things I’d love to accomplish in their room over the next few months.

- Re-finish their dresser and put on new knobs
- Finish gallery wall
- DIY art
- Add one more gutter shelf
- New area rug
- Throw Pillows
- Bed Tent/Canopies
- Star Decals on ceiling
- Pom Pom fringe on drop cloth curtains
- DIY Lampshades

I am so excited to have a fun place for our kids to spend some time reading and sleeping. I have a ton of DIY things planned, to keep us on our small budget and I cannot wait to share some of them with you!

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