Thursday, November 14, 2013

30x30 Challenge: Days 7-12

This week was so much harder and to be honest, I almost gave up on the challenge.  I've been MIA because I've had two little sicklings.  Miss Olivia has been crying non stop since Sunday, so in most of these pictures I look exhausted.  I’m hoping next week will be better!  I broke some rules though, my sister “borrowed” 3 pieces that I was going to use, so I just replaced them.

Day 7:

{ Old Navy Cardigan, J.Crew Shirt Dress, Camo Slip Ons}

Day 8:
Don't mind the awful quality cell phone pic.  I forgot to take a picture before we left so I took one when we were done swimming with the kids!
{American Eagle Cardi, Neon Target Tee, Gap Ankle Zip Skinnys, Camo Slip-on}

Day 9:

{H&M Dress, Target Leggings, Target Booties, Loft Belt}

Day 10:  This is my favorite day this week!
{Old Navy Cardi, Target Chambray, J.Crew Skinnys, Just Fab boots}

Day 11:
{American Eagle Cardi, H&M Tank, Polka Dot Skinnys, Camo Slip-ons}

Day 12:  I didn't take any time to dress up.  I had to take two crazy kids to the Dr's. I almost didn't get dressed at all.
{J.Crew Cardi (one of my new items I swapped), H&M Tank, Target leggings, Camo Slip-ons}

Check out the items I picked to complete the challenge with and what outfits I came up with for last week.

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  1. I agree, I LOVE Day 10!! I also love the day after, day 11!

  2. Loving Day 9 and 10!! the pictures is the hardest part but don't stress!! you look fabulous for dealing with 2 sick kids

  3. It's so funny how it works out, but I love your day 12! That color is super pretty on you! I also love all of your fun pants! The royal blue skinnies and the polka dot ones are so cute!!

    Hope your kids are feeling better!! It's such a battle every fall/winter to get everyone through healthy!

  4. I love day 12 which is funny since you said you barely got dressed!

  5. day 10 is my fave too! i'm glad you decided to stick with it.

  6. Late on this comment-- But I love days 9 and 10. You are adorable! Jill @