Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall 30x30 Challenge: Days 13-18

I think the sickness may have finally left.  I’m hoping that I don’t end up getting it anytime soon and that maybe my kids will nap today so I can disinfect the entire house!

I loved almost all of the outfits that I picked out this week, but I think like almost everyone else, I really I cannot wait to have my other wardrobe back.  I’ve bought a few super cute pieces that I’d really love to wear.  Only 2 more weeks to go!

I should disclose that I did miss Monday.  I had 2 kids (Livi and my husband) with the flu and all I wore was some yoga pants and a tee.   I didn't want to get my nice things all gross.

Day 13:
{ Target Chambray Top, Striped Old Navy Tee, Black Maxi from Loft and Cami slip ons}
This outfit was super comfy and will definetely be something that I wear again.  I've always been kind of afraid of my maxi skirt and I don't know why.  It is way easier to style than I thought it would be.  That would be Jordan to the left photo bombing me.

Day 14
{Navy Lace Target Dress and Target Booties (later Camo Slip ons)}

I just did some light running around with the kids and it was such a nice day out so I thought I'd try something new with the booties. It lasted about 10 mintues before I realized there was no way I could tackle the mall in them. Although now I think that this means I really need some cute flat booties.

Day 15
{Target Emerald Blazer, H&M Tank, ,Old Navy Skinny jeans, Target Booties}
Day 15 was my favorite day this entire challenge.   I loved this outfit.  We went out with friends who were in town and it was just the right amount of dressed up but it was still so comfortable. 

Day 16:
{Old Navy Cardi, Mint Gap Top, Gap Skinnys and Target Booties}
We did almost nothing this day.  It was just me and the kids because my husband was at the Buffalo Bills game with his friends (We actually won!).  It was nice to be somewhat dressed up though, because I was surprisingly productive.

Day 18. 
{Gap Striped Dress, Gap Skinnys, Target Slip Ons}
I turned my Gap dress into a shirt.  I think it turned out great.  I'm liking that this challenge is making me think out of the box and try things in ways that I haven't thought of before. 


  1. I love your lace dress in Day 14, you look beautiful! And I also like Day 15 with the blazer/dressier look.

  2. Day 15 is great. But seriously a dress into a shirt ... AMAZING!

  3. OMG!! I am turning a striped dress into a shirt!! Thank you!! LOL!

    I love all of your looks! Especially days 15 and 13! Love the maxi skirt!!

    That red lip is gorgeous on you in day 18 and can I just comment on your hair in general?? OMG, it is super fab!

    Great job!

  4. love that dress! i had the same thing happen with booties recently. i didn't even make it out my front door.

  5. Love day 15!! and the dress is so pretty!! i'm loving lace lately :)