Monday, November 4, 2013

November Goals

We had a FABULOUS weekend with our family celebrating our niece’s baptism.  It was great to have my husband’s parents and siblings with us for the weekend.  I’m not looking forward to the grandparent withdrawl that my kids are going to go through on Wednesday morning when my mother in law will no longer be here.
I’m a list maker.  If I don’t have a list or have something written down, I forget it.  I blame it on the two little children who have given me “mommy brain”.    What better way to hold you accountable than to post it on the internet for all to see.

  1. Keep up with the laundry!- Boring, I know.  We have the luxury and curse of having a house with a built in laundry chute.  Only problem is that it dumps our laundry out in the basement and if I don’t see it, I don’t remember it until mama is out of clean underwear and Olivia is wearing mismatched socks.
  2. Do more crafts with the kids-   I don’t spend enough time with Jordan doing arts and crafts.   He has gotten to the age where he loves anything paint or stickers and I think it would be some great bonding time while little sister is napping.
  3. Take new House Tour photos-  Self explanatory and I really want to show off the kid’s new room and my hallway that I spent hours hanging wallpaper.
  4. Get to the Gym 3x a week
  5. Take the kids to the pool at least once a week
  6. Start and finish Christmas shopping- This one is going to be tough! We have so many immediate family members to shop for.
  7. Finally list all my items on Etsy- They’ve only been sitting in my sewing room for months.
  8. More dates with my hubby
  9. More mommy time
  10. Schedule my first massage!
I’m hoping that next month that I will have had all of these things done! We’ll see if it actually happens though.

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  1. Love all of your goals, I can relate to lots of them!!! The Christmas shopping is so overwhelming for me to get started but once I do I can usually knock a lot out...its just getting started is the hardest part!!

    Kate @