Friday, November 8, 2013

30x30 Fall Challenge: Days 1-6

I totally agree with everyone that says the hardest part of this challenge is the photos.  I either need to buy a large floor length mirror or something.   I don’t know how these fashion bloggers do it, especially those that take their own photos!  I'm going to have to spend the week working on my photo taking skills and not making dumb faces!

Day 1:  It was a good thing this was the first day of the challenge and I couldn’t miss the first day.  I threw my shoulder/back out and I did not want to get dressed!

{Striped Gap Dress, Just Fab Boots}

Day 2:  We took my in-laws who were visiting from Long Island to the zoo with the kids and then headed to my brother and sister-in-laws house for dinner.  I tried to keep it cute but casual because I had two toddlers to chase all day.

{Black V- Neck, Aztec Cardy, Cobalt jeans, tan boots}

Day 3: Sunday I was able to look a little more put together.  We spent the day with family celebrating my niece Annie’s baptism. ( Sorry for the Iphone photo and the not so good photographer husband, trying to get two toddlers and two adults out of the house and to church by 9:30 and be gone for the whole day was no joke)

{Ivory sleeveless Target top. Leopard Cardigan from Old Navy.  Black H&M skinny jeans.  Black Target Booties.}

Day 4: I spent Monday running errands all around town with the kids and organizing things around the house with my mother in law..
{Target Chambray, Black Leggings, Tan Just Fab boots}

Day 5: I spent the day at the Dr, enough said.
{Target Chambray, Black and White Tee, Black Skinnys, Camo Slip on}

Day 6:  This was a "grandma went home withdrawl" day, so I was luckily to get out alive or get dressed! (P.s. I cut off my head because I was making literally the most stupid face ever!)

{H&M henley, leggings, boots}

I think that next week I want to try and incorporate more accessories into my outfits.  I think they could use an extra pop.

My favorite outfit for the week would probably be Day 3.  It was nice to find an outfit that was cute, dressed up a little and yet still comfortable and I was still able to chase my kids around the church and the party afterwards.

What was your favorite outfit?  Any ideas of different ways for me to pair my clothes together? Don't forget to check out the other lovely talented ladies also participating in this fall challenge!


  1. Love the cobalt jeans with the brown boots! Good job for the first week. I agree, taking the photos is hard!

  2. I love your day two. The sweater and those jeans are just super cute together.

  3. You're a doll! I like day 2!! Pictures are SO hard and awkward.. but you did a great job! All of mine will be taken with iphone but will be posted late. Already a fail. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love day 2 and 3! I take my photos using a tripod and remote... yeah I look like a weirdo pulling into an empty parking lot and setting it all up to smile at nothing. You'll get used to it!

  5. Day 2 is my favorite! I want that entire outfit for my closet!! My husband takes my photos, I am sooo lucky... because, anytime I try to take a photo in the house it is dark and grainy!

  6. I'm not liking my pictures either!! It takes a lil time and patience.. Love those camo slip ons!! And yes day 3 you look fab but I also love day 2 with the cardi and blue jeans!! Great job!!

    1. The Camo slip ons are my favorite! I got them in the little boys section (they're a size 5) at Target on clearance for $4.98! Steal of the century.

  7. I neeeeeed those camo slip ons. So cute! I feel like the biggest fool getting my picture taken, but you kind of get over a little.

  8. Day 2 is my fav!! The camp slip ons are so cute as well!!! =)

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers